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Always on your side

Welcome to the website of Polska Kancelaria Brokerska - an insurance broker with over 15 years of experience.

Our deep knowledge of the Polish insurance market allows us to give our Partners a highly competitive broker service offer. Our main goal is to represent our Client's interests, that's why in our actions we put a great emphasis on reliability, quality of service and the role of a broker not only at the stage of entering into a contract, but also at the stage of repairing damages. We always follow our motto: Always on your side.

We offer the following broker activities:


We identify the actual needs of an organisation and ensure appropriate protection against risks in all your areas of operation.


We actively cooperate with each Insurance Company on the market.


We make it possible to implement non-standard insurance cover as well as expanding the liability of insurance companies in your favour


We constantly monitor current insurance agreements


We negotiate the most beneficial conditions of insurance to achieve low prices with the most optimal cover


We aid you at every stage of the damages repairing process, we guarantee the assistance of renowned law firms and the highest level of performance as an insurance broker.


We conduct trainings full of interesting content, dedicated exclusively to our Partners.


We provide the know-how as regards insurance programs and insurance terms and conditions.

On-line information

We share the knowledge about your insurance on-line, using our own tools and technologies provided by Microsoft.

We work at full speed for our clients. Thanks to our extensive experience, imagination and knowledge, we know what insurance risk is, we know how to protect ourselves against it, and in the end, we know how to eliminate the damage resulting from it. In terms of insurance, you could not get better.

Oliwia Żak

Account Manager

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