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The opinion of our partners is the best measure of success for us

Insurance broker - as seen with the eyes of the Clients.

In July and August 2012 a survey was conducted, commissioned by Polska Kancelaria Brokerska, on a representative group of our Clients. In order to find out our Clients' opinions, professional research methods were employed resulting in unveiling very important information about our image, the role of a broker as a consultant and the quality of our services.We take great pride in its results as presented below.

98% of our Clients decide to extend the contract after the first year of partnership.

 As a broker we have been in the insurance business for 15 years and we have good knowledge of its trends. We make use of tested and reliable tools. Our strategy, that assumes the attitude of: always on your side, consists of ensuring a comprehensive and high quality service on each stage of partnership. Our actions are based on mutual trust and professional approach to matters entrusted to us.

90% of our Clients think of us as friendly and trustworthy consultants.

We are with the Client throughout the whole process of repairing damages and attain the best possible compensatory results. Additionally, we offer expert legal service to even better fulfil our mission - always on your side.

100% of Clients we surveyed believe that PKB's role in the process of repairing damages was substantial.

We provide insurances dedicated to business that support brands and products. We inspire trust in your Partners and enrich your offer with added value. With the service "Business Assurance" we increase your competitiveness and shape additional profits.

80% of people we surveyed recognize and have positive associating with PKB brand.*

* Results of a survey conveyed in July 2012 on a representative group of Client of Polska Kancelaria Brokerska using professional research methods.

We work at full speed for our clients. Thanks to our extensive experience, imagination and knowledge, we know what insurance risk is, we know how to protect ourselves against it, and in the end, we know how to eliminate the damage resulting from it. In terms of insurance, you could not get better.

Oliwia Żak

Account Manager

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