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As experts in the industry we professionally aid administrations

As an insurance broker we co-organize a series of Conferences for Real Estate Market (the most recent took place in Wrocław and Opole) that are attended by experts of the industry, lawyers, institutions associated with the market and media.

We are a leader of the real estate management industry. We provide insurance for the biggest condominiums and administrators. We identify the risks very efficiently and select the products in such a way as to first and foremost secure our Client's interests, especially in case of damages.We provide a professional broker services, damages repairing services and also negotiate provisions not available on the market for other industries.Thanks to the high level of specialization and knowledge of the market we have created new products, available exclusively for our Clients. We have signed a global agreement on event interpretation (changes in General Terms and Conditions) and on determining individual way of repairing damages.

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