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Welcome to Polska Kancelaria Brokerska

We cooperate with the leaders of the insurance market in Poland thus allowing us, as an insurance broker, to allocate risks classified as unusual or as risk with high strategical value through procuring cover conditions on noncompulsory reinsurance basis.

We preform professional broker expertises to allocate risks in accordance with the best solutions available on the market.

We provide Assistance packages.

We render broker services as regards gaining access to specialized medical packages, service stations and many others. As a licensed broker we certify high quality of service and 100% compensation from insurance in case of damages.

As a insurance broker we have the necessary abilities and knowledge of current legal regulations to comprehensively handle tenders for every industry and public sector body.

We support your business. We are a broker that brings new value. We build your Clients' loyalty and increase sales.

As a insurance broker we have the necessary abilities and knowledge of current legal regulations to comprehensively handle tenders for every industry and public sector body.

We perform all broker activities with great care and provide the most optimal solutions.

We are highly effective at repairing damages and claiming compensation.

We handle damage repairing professionally through broker activities - our effectiveness is what sets us apart on the insurance market. Our goal on this field is timely and reliable payment of compensation which is appropriate to the damages.

As a broker we take care of the whole repairing process and ensure:

  • 24h call centre for our Clients.
  • Skilled and mobile team of experts on repairing damages who will aid you also in an emergency.
  • We ensure the examination of damages within 24h.
  • We develop and share with our Clients proven code of conduct in case of damages.
  • We advise and aid you at each stage of damages repairing.
  • By working swiftly we make sure that the damage will not aggravate and that the compensation will be paid in a timely manner.
  • We put emphasis on developing brokering documentation and we can always be consulted in matters of the best solutions available.

At every stage of our partnership we provide professional broker consulting and we are always on your side.

As an insurance broker we offer comprehensive risk management:
  • We identify the actual needs of an organisation and ensure appropriate protection against risks in all your areas of operation.
  • We actively cooperate with each Insurance Company on the market.
  • We make it possible to implement non-standard insurance cover as well as expanding the liability of insurance companies in your favour.
  • We constantly monitor current insurance agreements.
  • We negotiate the most beneficial conditions of insurance to achieve low prices with the most optimal cover.
  • We aid you at every stage of the damages repairing process, we guarantee the assistance of renowned law firms and the highest level of performance as an insurance broker.
  • 90

    of our Clients think of us as friendly and trustworthy consultants.

  • 98

    of our Clients decide to extend the contract after the first year of partnership.

  • 80

    of people we surveyed recognize and have positive associating with PKB brand.

  • 100

    of Clients we surveyed believe that PKB's role in the process of repairing damages was substantial.

We care about carrying your goals perfecty


Protecting what's important to you - see our offer

We provide access to all products available on the European market, on new conditions, dedicated to your risk. We create a new product, calculate the risk and construct tariffs, approved by actuaries.

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